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A Qualified Approach to Tax Strategies & Tax Planning

Under the current health environment, we are adhering to social distancing that is only allowing 1 client into the office at a time.  

If you have traveled outside of Canada, in the past month or if you have a cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms, please drop off or call to reschedule your pick up appointment once you no longer have symptoms.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding and we are looking forward to continuing to service our valued clients. 

Due to Covid safety concerns for clients and staff all returns will be completed via drop off. All clients will be contacted by phone to discuss results and address any concerns.

About Us

Our Story

 Integrated Accounting and Tax Solutions, previously known as Accubalance Accounting and Financial Services is a Hamilton based business operating for over 30 years. The business was first established by Gladys Bizior who would have clients sit at her kitchen table while she completed their personal tax returns. Years later, her son and current C.E.O. Richard Bizior took over and ran the business out of the living room of his Stoney Creek home until we moved to our current location on Upper Ottawa Street for the last 18 years. As a business that was initially operated as a service to family and friends, we pride ourselves in our development of long lasting relationships with clients that have been with us since the very beginning. We started with 200 tax clients and now currently service over 2,500 personal tax clients, 90 corporations and over 70 small businesses. 






Corporate Registration & Set Up

Business Consulting

Corporate Tax Consulting 

Personal Tax Consulting 

Personal Tax Preparation 

Corporate Tax Preparation

Electronic Tax Filing 


Mission, Vision and  Values

Mission Statement 

Our mission is one of service, to our motto "How Can We Help". We strive to improve our clients quality of life through integrity, open communication and education. We focus on a basic human need, one of creating a greater sense of financial security and awareness especially in today's difficult economic environment. Through our services, knowledge of taxation, accounting and emphasizing financial planning, we hope to help our clients achieve their financial goals. 

Vision Statement 

Our primary purpose as an organization is to deliver high quality financial services at a great value. We employ individuals who are extremely dedicated to our purpose and are always willing to go that extra mile for our clients. In this endeavour, we hope to create a company culture of growth, enthusiasm and profitability. 

Company Values 

All of our employees are proudly committed to the following values: 

Customer Commitment - focusing on developing a positive relationship that will make a difference in the lives of our clients. Every customer no matter how large or small is seen as a valued client. 

Education - giving clients opinions by providing information so that our clients can make good sound financial decisions based on their individual goals and needs.

Integrity - Always dealing with our clients and colleagues in a fair and ethical manner, gaining trust through our actions. 

Empathy - We are dedicated to listening and understanding the challenges and obstacles our clients face daily and are determined to do what it takes by implementing solutions that will help them achieve their financial goals.

Quality - Providing an excellent service and product at a great value.

Service - Encompass the concept of quality in everything we do, having a service mindset when dealing with our clients and always demanding more out of ourselves than we expect from them. 

Knowledge - The value we place on our continual need to grow in our expertise in order to meet the many financial needs of our valued clients. 

Teamwork - Working together towards a common goal across all boundaries, to meet the needs of our clients and the organization. 

Accountability - We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. 


Contact Us 

We are currently working under modified hours and work days in order to protect the health and safety of all staff and clients. We thank you for your patience and understanding at a time of such uncertainty.


1423 Upper Ottawa Street Unit 9

Hamilton, Ontario

L8W 3J6

Business Hours - Tax Season  


Monday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm

Telephone Number 



Fax Number 





Personal Taxes


The following rates do not include HST (unlimited slips). All personal tax returns completed will require an authorization signature so that they can also be e-filed by our office.


New clients are always welcome! We provide face to face appointments as well as a drop off service where clients can leave their information and slips with reception and will be called once their returns are completed to sign and pay.


Personal Tax Returns


Personal Student Tax Returns 

Nil Returns (No Slips)

$85.00 - Drop off

$70.00 - Drop off

$55.00 - Drop off

Additional Charges 

Foreign Property Disclosure (T1135)

Meals and Lodging (TL2) Pre Added Totals 

Employment Expenses (T777) Pre Added Totals 

Rental Property (per property) Pre Added Totals 

Business Statement (T2125) Farming Statement (T2042) Pre Added Totals 

Moving Expenses (T1M) Pre Added Totals 

T1 Adjustments 

Pre & Post Assessment Reviews (PARS)







$80.00 (starting rate)

$80.00 (starting rate)

For more information on applications, documents and questions regarding taxes please visit the CRA website 


Tax Season Preparation Checklist

Taxable Income 

  • T3 Trust Income

  • T4 Employment Income

  • T4AOAS Old Age Security

  • T4AP Canada Pension Income

  • T4A Pension, Annuity & Other Income

  • T4E Employment Insurance

  • T4RSP RRSP Income

  • T4RIF Income from a RRIF

  • T4PS Profit Sharing

  • T5 Investment Income

  • T5007 Workers Compensation and Social Assistance

  • Other Employment Income

  • Business Income & Detailed Expenses

  • Farming Income & Detailed Expenses

  • Partnership Income

  • Rental Income & Detailed Expenses

  • Alimony, Separation allowances

  • Pensions (Other than Canada)

  • Professional Fees & Detailed Expenses

  • Director Fees

  • T5013 Statement of Partnership

  • Foreign Income

  • Other Slips

Allowable Expenses and Deductions

  • RRSP Contributions

  • Union Dues

  • Professional Dues

  • Labour Sponsored Fund Credit

  • Investment Management/Counsel Fees

  • Accounting Fees

  • Political Contributions

  • Adoption Expenses

  • Moving Expenses (relocation due to work only)

  • Interest on money borrowed to purchase

  • investments (not including RRSP's)

  • Nursing/Retirement Home and Long Term Care Facility Receipt (DTC Required)

  • Other Employment expense deduction such as "tools" (Form T2200 Required)

  • Employment related expenses-Provide Form T2200

  • "Declaration of Conditions of Employment" signed by your employer

  • Child Care Expenses

  • Ontario Senior Healthy Homes Renovation Credit

  • Child & Spousal Support Paid (Court Order Required)

  • Interest on Student Loans

  • Tuition Fees Form T2202

  • TL11 for Tuition outside of Canada

  • Charitable Donations

  • Digital News Subscriptions

  • Medical Expenses (not reimbursed by insurance)

  • Medical Premiums Paid to Insurance Companies

  • Medical Travel Insurance

  • Property Taxes paid for the year

  • Rent Receipts paid for the year

  • Installment Payments made throughout

  • the taxation year to Canada Revenue Agency

  • Legal Fees for Collection of Taxable Income

  • Educators School Supply Tax Credit (Provide Receipts)

  • Statement of Investment Capital Gain & Losses

 Important Reminder 


Please ensure that you review the checklist above before dropping off your tax return or making an appointment for tax completion. CRA no longer allows us to start preparing or complete tax returns without proper official receipts. This includes receipts for childcare, tuition for a dependent & RRSP receipts (for the remainder of the year & for the 1st 60 days of the following year.)


If you have any questions regarding proper receipts, please call our office before dropping off your tax return or booking an appointment.

2020 Personal Tax Changes

Personal Tax Changes and Updates 

Remember for 2021

If you sold your principal residence in 2021. CRA requests that you report the year of acquisition and selling price                       


Helpful Information and Suggestions

Please ensure you have all your tax slips before filing your return to avoid delays or extra costs

If you sold stocks or mutual funds in 2021 please provide us with a Statement of Capital Gains & Losses for 2021

You can ask your pharmacy for a yearly prescription printout this ensures that your deduction is maximized

You may be eligible to apply for the DISABILITY TAX CREDIT if you or any of your family have a disability which has impacted regular daily living.








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